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Be responsible for what you drink, stop complaining.

It is a fine Sunday evening, sitting in the living room. Suddenly have the urge to write about 2 separate incidents that I experienced last week, unrelated but I believed there might be a connection. You decide…

The first incidence, I received news from my friend that he just confirmed by his doctor that he have lung cancer. Now are waiting for further diagnosis and examination to determine the stage he is in now.

His first reaction was that he did not smoke or drink alcohol, how come he got cancer? To him, that is the main cause of cancer.

Feeling sad for him, but don’t know how to comfort him or provide advice.

The second incident is when I drop by my customer office to test their water pH of the water their current drinking. They are using drum/bottle type, claimed by the supplier it is distil water with double process.

The pH of distilled water are neutral at 7.0, not acidic nor alkaline. It is just pure water prefer by chemist to use in a lab test. Some doctors advised dialysis patient to drink it because need to lessen the burden on their kidney.

However, not only the customer’s eyes open wide, I myself also surprise to find out the water is so high in acidic, with orange in color when I test the pH. The reading is around 4.0-5.0.

My customer then said it is orange because the pH tester I used was orange in color thus the water turned orange. I explained that it is orange because it is acidic. To prove it, I asked for a 500ml bottle of mineral water from the customer, the one with a green cap and a well-known brand. When I pour it in the cup earlier with orange color, the color immediate turn to blue.

Because bottle water with blue or green caps are mineral water with a healthy 7.2-7.4 pH. While white cap R.O. drinking water is usually with a pH of 6.8 or less.

Note: you can do the test yourself with pH tester.

I strongly believed the water they are drinking all this while were from the R.O. process, which most bottles drinking water supplies are used. It is way much cheaper compare to a distiller. And distill water only produces neutral pH.

R.O. water pH will drop from 6.8 to 5.5, if the membrane is not replace periodically. However, most supplier don’t care, they even not properly sanitized the reuse bottle/drum.

So what is the relativity between these two incidents, you asked?

I relate these two on the possibility of too high acidity in the body that cause cancer. Most people always only focus on cigarettes & alcohol as the main cause for cancer. But the truth is that, they are only 2 possible action that may contribute to cancer forming. There are many other causes as well, and the water you drink are one of the causes.

It is not my intention to sell or promote any product, nor to scare anyone with this article. My only intention is to highlight the important of what you consume into your body, be it cigarette, alcohol, food or water.

You should find out more about what water type you are consuming and is it right for you and your family. We are currently living in a digital age where most information can obtained from the web, you just need to spend some time to research it.

Don’t take life for granted and complain later.

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