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Water filter for home
Fluoride water filter

“We give assurance that our outdoor filters are 100% guaranteed on filtering sediments and 99% on reduction/removal of excessive and harmful heavy metal and elements”


We have more than 14 years experience in water filtration industry and we know what you need. We are the one and only in Malaysia filtering market using Xsorb (Ultrasorb Grade-A) as media for outdoor water filter system for your whole house.



The Product Benefits 


~ Ideal and highly recommand for Children, Autism & Eczema.


~ Able to remove & reduce transparent non-solid elements such as heavy metal ions and un-wanted substance such as  Fluoride, Arsenic & Lead etc. (Conventional media in the market only manage to trap solid sediments) 


~ Shortest backwash time thus save money, time & waste. (Less than 5 minutes per backwash) 


~ 10 years 1 to 1 replacement guarantee for peace of mind. (Useable up to 10 years) 


~  Able to fill up to 70% media into the filter body for more effective filtering. (Conventional sands media only maximum fill  up to 55% of the tank due the weights. Might have difficulty to lift when back wash if more than the limit) 



About Our Company


Live Well Marketing also well knew as LiveWell, is the company forms with a strong mission and vision, to cultivate people on how to buy wisely without being cheated. We provide what you really need with our unique filtration media Xsorb. We will continue to update informations as guidelines for you to do your own research.


On service, we will try to do our best at all time. By responding to your service call within 24 hours, we hope to shorten down your down-time. Because not only you will be satisfied & might recommend friends, we also know how fast we can lose one good customer. After all Service Is Our Business.    


This website is build by the consumer for the consumer. As a consumer, we know what you are looking for. Hope that the information in this website helps you in a way. Feel free to scroll through anytime before deciding. 


The information in this website may look biased; However, this information is guidelines for you to re-check and confirm rather than just believing in what is written. 


We believe in a long term relationship with our customers. Every customer matters.

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