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Water Filter Service in Malaysia

Can’t find a service for your old water filter? You are not our customers?


Good news… You do not have to search further.


Yes, we will try our best to provide service for your old water filter, even it is not bought from us!


We know what a consumer fears most that you are unable to get service unless from the old supplier and we do care.


Just call our specialist and let him know what is the current system you are using, may it be indoors or outdoors of any brands. We will service you if we manage to get the parts, because certain brands and company do not supply parts to others or they are no longer around.


I believed we were the first in Malaysia to provide service to other brands and not forcing you to buy our products. So what's in it for us? Your word of mouth recommendations.


Call us today for any service requirements from our nation wide service centre.


Note: we only provide well trained technicians with minimum 8 years experience with door step services.

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