“Filtration media is the heart of all water filtration system, It determine the outcomes qualities." Xsorb is the outdoor water filter media that can reduce & remove excessive Transparent Substance such as Fluoride, Nitrates, Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury Etc”




Point Of Entry (P.O.E.) is the outdoor water filtration system before entering your house, and it is fixed just next to your water meter. It's sole purpose is to prevent any harmful and unwanted solid sediments and non solid elements from entering into your home.


It is the first 'bad-health' preventive step to take. Since we used water for drinking, washing, bathing, brushing etc. Hence, whatever decision you make today is important. Mainly because, with this protection, we can minimize the damage in times of accident and any unwanted scenario that may contaminate our water. 



What you need to know about Fluoride

Why we need to remove Fluoride from our water? Is Fluoride good for us?

It depends who you ask; fluoride is unquestionably toxic at certain concentrations. The most comprehensive report on fluoride was published in 2006 by the National Research Council of USA, done at the behest of the Environmental Protection Agency. That group found that the upper limit for fluoride, at 4 ppm, was too high to prevent a certain percentage of kids from developing severe dental fluorosis and recommended the EPA lower this limit. 

The irony is: Claimed that if you consume a little from the water you can prevent cavity, but if you consume more, you will have dental fluorosis...! And how many contacts between your teeth and how long the contact with water that you drink really helps prevent cavity? Is it worth the risk to swallow it? You decide. 

Here are some useful sites that provide more information and research on Fluoride:







And if you need professional advice locally, you can contact Dr Chan (Homeopath & Nutritionist). He diagnose children with Autism disorder. visit his website for more details: http://www.natural-health.com.my/Home.html  

Comparison between our Outdoor Water Filter to others

Livewell Water Filter with Xsorb 0942F

RM2,080.00Regular PriceRM1,664.00Sale Price

Livewell Water Filter with Xsorb 1050S

RM2,480.00Regular PriceRM1,984.00Sale Price
The system is designed for filtration from SYABAS/JBA treated water only, not for water treatment use. If you are looking for a specific water treatment, please contact us for customization.

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