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If You Have Been Looking For A Suitable Outdoor Water Filter For Your Home






As a consumer myself, like you. I don’t like to be cheated or over promises that cannot deliver.



Like you, I would do my own research on the product I am looking for before I buy anything. Thanks to the internet that make this easy.



Hence, it is my intention to provide more truthful information that you are not told. So by your own research, you don’t have to blindly believe in what a particular brand’s sale person said, including my colleagues.



In believing you and your family deserve the best. With 14 years experience, I manage to discover the most suitable water filter system for a Malaysian family which contain the below features:


  •          It must able to effectively filter Solid Sediments & Transperent Non-solid elements.

  •          It must be able to backwash effectively.

  •          It must not lower the water pressure after filtering.

  •          It must convenient to operate & use.

  •          It must save water, resources & time.

  •          It must be hassle free with lowest maintenance.

  •          And most important, the cost must be reasonable.



So if you are looking for a very cheap unit to invest, sorry to inform you that our system is not that type of grades. But it will make what you paid valued! By getting the job done the most effective way.


















Puchong Utama

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Besides, water filter system is not only to filter the sediments from source. But also act as the last line of defense before entering your house if an accident happens, such as:

  •          Body in the water tank of your housing area.

  •          Busting pipe that allows the un-wanted organic or inorganic substances (E-coli, Arsenic, Lead  etc) from soil to flow into the pipe.



With our unique filtering media Xsorb, we are now able to prevent and minimize the damage if these incidences happens to you and your family.



If you’ve tired of Nonsense & Sales Talk for your home’s water problems that might cost hassle in long terms, then it is time for you to try something That WORKS!! 



Stop Suffering!​ Let us prove it to you by sign up to our risk free 7 day trial*.



Now is the time to start enjoying Clean & Safety water again! 



Or Claim A 20% Discount when you buy now! Click Here!



Now is the chance for you to invest for your family at a discounted price! 



Purchase NOW, and Change Your Family Experience Immediately!

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