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How do we remove Fluoride from in water?


You need a water filtration system with the capability to remove fluoride, such as Xsorb with Activated Alumina as filtering media for every tap of your house, or get a Reverse Osmosis for drinking system.




What is Xsorb?


~ Xsorb is Ultrasorb Grade-A as basic media, with right potion of Activated Alumina as catalyst. Thus, we are able to increase the effectiveness by 3X and will prolong the lifespan as well.


~ Xsorb is a media designed to remove & reduce excessive non-solid elements & heavy metal (Inorganic contaminants namely Fluoride, Arsenic, Selenium, Mercury, Lead etc) from our normal tap water, besides normal/conventional  solid sediments (Mud, Stain etc) filtration. (2 function in 1 filter)  


~ Xsorb Includes 3 types of ceramics fully engineered & imported from Taiwan and Activated Alumina from USA
* It is activated with pores to maximize absorption. (More surface of contacts) 


~ Xsorb Is 65% less in weight than conventional sand media. 
* It is more effective during backwash  (at least 30% media rise is needed for effective backwash)

* It takes less than 5 minitues to backwash (Save money & time) 

* Normal sand is 50-55% full at 50-60 KG, Xsorb is 75% full for better filtration at 16KG.


Xsorb filtration sticker
Xsorb filtration media
The system is designed for filtration from SYABAS/JBA treated water only, not for water treatment use. If you are looking for a specific water treatment, please contact us for customization.
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