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Thank you for considering Live Well as your water filter service provider. We are qualified vendors with extensive record of reliability product and provide back up service on time. Here are some testimonials and backwash results.



"I must say, I am totally satisfied with the Water Filter & Services provided by LiveWell and was enlightened with the information provided."    

- Charles Tham, Klang - Tiles Renovator



"LiveWell Backwash water Filter with Xsorb is living up to their promise, fast & effective"  

- Simon Fong, Sunway - Fortune Teller



"There is no yellow stain on my clothes anymore after using LiveWell outdoor water filter"  

-Mrs Chong, Happy Garden - Housewife



"I do not need to clean my ceramic filter in my kitchen so often, I use to clean it once a week. Now for three weeks, the ceramic still clean."

-Liew Lee Lee, Old Klang Road - Pensioner



"I am satisfied with the service provided, installation very professionally done."

-Hendrawan, Setia Alam - BAM Coach



"Air selepas penapis air Livewell memang banyak perbezaan dari dulu. air sekarang tak berbau lagi."

-En. Leman, Sungai Buloh Country Resort - Business Owner



"I am very satisfiy with Live Well after sales service, respond time and attitude"

-Jennifer, Setia Eco Park - Business Owner



"Service delivered as promised"

- Bernard Chong - Lawyer 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Full documentation for the following satisfied customers are available on request. These customers were not offered any bribes, cash or discounts for their honest feedback. 


Let us proof it to you, call us for 7 day FREE Trial* now. After all "Seeing Is Believing"

How to compare whole house water filters?


A backwash whole house water filter is only consider a good filtration system, when it can effectively backwash as well as its filtering capability.


Because if the filter cannot effectively backwash, the following may happen.


1) The solid sediments & stain may still trap inside the filter causing:  


   i) Sand Media mixed up with sediments & harden inside the body almost like mud, water cannot flow through the             filter causing  low water pressure for whole house.  

  ii) Fix form materials like Hollow fibre membrane & high-density fibre is even more lightly you will face this problem  

 iii) Unable to effective filter due to previous sediments still inside. Un-filter water flow inside your home. 


2) Microbes like E-coli that is filtered may still trap inside the filter. 


3) Takes longer time when backwash wasting water & time. 


4) High maintenance cost, need to service more often. 


Since backwash is so depending on the water pressure, the lighter media is more effective when backwash causes it is easy to lift. Xsorb is 65% lighter than conventional filter media; it takes less than 5 minutes to backwash.

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