Technical Specification:
External Shell: Fiberglass/Epoxy winding
Inner Shell: Food Grade Co-Polymer Polypropylene
Diameter: 9"
Height: 42"
Valve Size: 3/4"
Max Pressure: 150psi (10 bars)
Max Temperature: 50 c
Min Flow Rate 22L/min
Media: Xsorb

Livewell Water Filter with Xsorb 0942F

RM2,080.00 Regular Price
RM1,664.00Sale Price
    • Ideal and highly recommend for Children, Autism & Eczema.
    • Able to remove & reduce transparent non-solid elements such as heavy metal ions and Fluoride. (Conventional media in the market only manage to trap solid sediments)
    • Shortest backwash time thus save money, time & waste. (Less than 5 minutes per backwash)
    • 10 years 1 to 1 casing replacement guarantee for peace of mind.
    • Able to fill up to 70% into the filter body for more effective filtering. (Conventional sands media only maximum fill up to 55% of the tank due the weights)
    • Free shipping within west Malaysia
    • Free installation in states with our service center