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Water & Me

I can’t believe it‘s been 14 years since I first come into contact with the water industry. I remember clearly the day I went to interview for a vacancy on an “aquatic product” as claimed by the advertiser.

At a time when Malaysian have limited information on water systems. At a time when the internet are not widely used. At a time when consumers are widely mislead by certain products. With false claim of filtered water can cure all disease, by doing a number of misleading demo. And MLM company claimed our water to be dirty and shouldn’t consume, again with false demo such as electrolysis of water where the water turn colour because of the minerals in the water.

Luckily enough, I joined a company selling water ionizer, which is not widely accepted and popular at that time. With limited funding for marketing and TV advertising, we face a tough challenge to explain the truth and sell the product.

However, this is the time where I spend most of my time reading and searching for information regards to the industry to survive. Thus, trained me as a man I am today that the search for information before deciding on anything, and only tell the truth with fact & figures. With the believe that “I don’t need to lie to sell a product”.

Now, we are at the age of the internet where the information is at the tip of our fingers. This is a time where I can contribute and share my experience & findings are the reason I write this blog.

Note: All the information in my articles is my personal opinion without prejudice and it is entirely up to you whether to agree or not, based on whether it make sense to you.

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