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Can we cure cancer by drinking water?

I am no doctor and are without any medical certifications, however the information I am sharing here can be easily gathered through the World Wide Web (www) for free. You should decide whether what I am writing makes sense or not. If it does, it's time you do your own research. However, some of the information on www is fake, so how do you know which is truth? Trust your gut feeling and always ask yourself “does it make sense”.

I write this because of one of my friend are diagnosed with lung cancer. He is now surrounded with his MLM friends to promote their product they carry. My friend is not insured by medical card, and have to manage his fund carefully. He is lead to believe that the water of one of his friends are selling can cure his cancer, paying RM 12,000++ for a system which he can get from RM 3000 elsewhere (not MLM).

So can we really cure disease by only drinking water?

Well, people said “for a miracle to happen, first you need to believe in miracle”. And miracle happens every day, so I would say it is possible.

But on scientific fact, I don’t think water works that way. You can drink water to keep hydrated, and at best drink for prevention, not cure…

The reason is simple, I believed cancer or other degenerative disease such as diabetic, hypertension, heart disease etc, do not suddenly appear out of nowhere but accumulated.

Meaning something bad, unwanted, wrong, unnatural had been accumulating for a period of time until your body needs to react. And which I believe a big part of it, is the imbalance of pH as the cause.

As we all know, our body is the best doctor in the world, it automatically heals, adjust to fit, immune etc, and pH influence a huge part of our body wellness.

pH (potential Hydrogen) is the measurement for the oxygen level on particular elements, be it liquid or solid surface. With the marking of 0 – 6.9 as acidic (lack oxygen/hydroxide), 7 as neutral, and 7.1 -14 as alkaline (oxygen/hydroxide rich).

Every part of our body needs oxygen to stay healthy. And every part in our body have different pH and our blood pH had to be 7.34 - 7.45.

When your blood is out of this pH level, your body will automatically re-adjust the pH by transfer the required element or minerals from other parts of your body.

Example: when your blood pH drop to 7.2 (acidic), your body will transfer alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc from other parts of your body to balance it back to 7.34 – 7.45. Thus cause another problem like the lack of certain minerals on the part the body extracted.

Even cancer are widely accepted of causing by the acidic environment in the body. We know our cells need oxygen to survive and thrive. When the environment cannot produce enough oxygen (acidic), the cells will start to mutate to adapt to the acidic environment to survive. And these mutated cells do not function as originating design, unnecessary grow or damage their surrounding. We call these cells cancers.

But what causes our body acidic?

These are a few factors that contribute to turn our body acidic:

~ Stress

~ Lack of Aerobic exercise like Swimming, jogging, walking etc.

~ Food & drinks we consume

~ Unhealthy lifestyle

So I believe the water (alkaline) we drink daily can prevent or reduce acidic in the body, but need more than just water to cure when you are diagnosed with cancer.

Sadly, certain sales people, be it from MLM or not, claimed the water they sell can cure disease for profits.

But I have to admit that some of these people are with good intention to help, and some are blindly believed on the product claimed by their company.

Anyway, next time when these people promoting their product to you claiming can cure this and that, and you don’t know what to do. Just ask them:

~ Are they qualified doctor that can diagnose and know what to do to cure?

~ Or can they write a black & white guarantee that it can cure with no other effect?

Hope my views can help you to have a different view on this subject.

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