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Chlorine in our home

The debate on chlorine to be used in our water supply has been going on for years. Should or shouldn’t we let the choline into the house? Is it safe to consume?

First, we need to know what chlorine is. And why treated water provider like Syabas & JBA chlorinate their supplied water?

Chlorine is a chemical element with symbol Cl and atomic number 17. Along with fluorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine, chlorine is a member of the halogen series that forms the group of the periodic table.

Chlorine is usually used (in the form of hypochlorous acid) to kill bacteria and other microbes such as e-Coli in drinking water supplies and public swimming pools. That is how Syabas & JBA can guarantee the safety from bacterial infection & outbreaks.

So should we let chlorine into our home? My answer is yes, I highly recommend to let chlorine, flow through our household’s pipes & water tank. So no carbon is recommended on your outdoor water filter. But chlorine must be removed before consuming.

To effectively remove chlorine, we use carbon. Thus, all drinking systems available in the market build with at least a carbon filter. However, these filters must be periodically replaced, otherwise the bacterial content of the water may actually increase due to the growth of bacteria within the filter unit.

Note: if any of your family members facing Autism, Eczema, and other related skin disease. I strongly suggest you to gets shower head with built in carbon.

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