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Fluoride in water, good or bad?

Fluoride has long been heralded as the solution to tooth decay, and is added to many oral hygiene products like toothpaste and mouthwash. It is also used by many dentists in hopes of protecting against cavities.

But with water fluoridation, it’s an entirely different story.

Before we discuss further on this, I prefer you to go through Dr. Nonsky’s article:

and Fluoride Free Water Association website:

These are only the tip of an iceberg about water fluoridation in the web. You can find it on Youtube, Image.Google, Wikipedia, and any search engine by just typing water fluoridation.

Why I even write about this controversial subject, you asked? Is it just to promote product or doing business? It is all up to you to judge, but I always wanted to openly share this information for years.

I did share with friends and relatives. Most of them just ignore after listen and don’t even bother about it. Some said “we have been drinking the water for years, and it’s ok” and only a minority of peoples will look into it.

Well, I am not asking anybody to blindly believe or try to create discomfort or arguments. But for the minority of peoples who are interested on this topic, it is my intention to share what I discovered to them.

Since I am not a Dr or PhD or whatever titles that peoples recognized, all I can provide are some questions and pointers.

There are no evidence or whatsoever to proof Fluoride in water can prevent cavity. Even if it does, how long does the fluoride in the water stay in contact with your teeth before you swallow it? 1 second? Will it be enough to prevent cavity?

Since it is claimed save to consume as long it is not over a specific dosage (The current dosing range specified under the National Standard for Drinking Water Quality (NSDWQ) is 0.4 to 0.6 mg/L). But who controls the dose given to each individual? Who knows our daily Fluoride intake? Nobody… And where are the swallowed fluoride went?


And yet, it is agreed by the authorities that too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis, which in severe form, leads to brownish mottling of teeth.

How ironic, the same element claimed that is good for your teeth is actually might cause problem with…

Moreover, there are no hard evidence to prove that lesser dental problem in the country who implement water fluoridation from country who doesn’t. (Most countries in the world did not recognize and apply it, find the statistic in Fluoride Free Water Website)

In fact, there is practically NO difference between the rates of tooth decay in fluoridated countries and non-fluoridated countries.

If you go shopping in hypermarket this weekend, you will find maternity toothpaste clearly stated “No Fluoride”, this applies to some kid’s toothpaste and some local brands as well. Also pick up a box of rat poison and read what the main ingredient is?

And do you mind if I add a little dose of prescription drugs in your coffee daily? Then why consume something which is not a necessity?

Is it so important that you have to add something to “protect your teeth” but have the side effect or poison in safety dosage? Why don’t just leave it out in the first place?

Note: My daughter is 5 years old now in 2017, and never come in contact with Fluoride and yet she never has any tooth decay.


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