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Ideal common pipes for home

There are many pipes in the market from stainless steel to copper to poly and the list goes on. But when you are talking about the common pipes used by developers and plumber, it has only come down to 3 types. Which are ABS, Polymer, & UPVC. And it’s basically due to the price or regulation set by the authority.

If you are looking to change your existing pipes or install a filter, which is the best choice between these 3?

My choice is UPVC, why?

Because ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is basically plastic and plastic will get harden & crack through time. Usually used to conceal inside wall. Thus, when there is a leakage, the plumber will advise to bypass the pipes with another pipe outside the house directly to the water tank so no wall hacking involve.

And Poly (polypropylene) pipes come in rolls and is ideal for construction site where you can pull wherever you like. However, the joints are easily cracked and leak. Underground leakage at home is usually caused by this.

While if you get UPVC (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride) the quality of Class 6 and above, you won’t face these problems.


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