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What is the IDEAL outdoor filter size for your home?

What is the ideal filter size for your home? Some claimed a certain size is suitable for a certain number of tenants in your home. (9 x 35 " diameter for 3-5 persons, 10 x 35" diameter for 5-7 persons, 12 x 44" for 8-12 persons, and so on)

The reality is there are no fixed ideal size. But we can choose the right filter size with the right information as below:

1) The bigger the size the better as there are more media for better filtration.

2) Are the water flow rate and the pressure in your area capable to backwash efficiently?

Hence, the best is to get the biggest size filter that able to backwash efficiently with the pressure and flow rate in your area.

Because judging the size of the filter is not based on how many people are using it because the bigger the size, the higher flow rate and pressure we needed to backwash. Therefore, you should choose the right size that can efficiently backwash in your area. If you are a highly consumer or if the water quality in your area is higher in turbidity, all you need to do is to backwash more regularly.

There is no point of getting a filter that last longer before needing a backwash (big size), and it will not be efficient when you backwash thus causing more time and cost on maintenance due to the sediments that harden inside and start blocking the water flow into your home .

Note: 9/10" in Diameter and 35/42” in heights are ideal recommended size for 2-4 bars pressure with 22 ℓ -25 ℓ /min flow rate.

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