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Technical Specification:
Electrodes High grade 5 Plates (Platinum coated with Titanium)
Dimensions (W) 284 X (D) 134 X (H) 385 mm
Generating Capacity 1.6 - 2.5ℓ/min (Alkaline & Acidic Water)
Protection Devices 2 Build-in Temp Sensors (Auto Reset)
Weight 27 kg
Electrolytic Cleaning Auto Washing (Time about 30 sec. Amount of
supply water about 0.8ℓ)
Filter Media Build in compound filter
Double pre-filter KX CTO carbon block (USA)
Doulton OBE ceramic (Original UK)

Livewell Zen Series Ionizer W-3000 Dispenser

RM7,680.00 Regular Price
RM5,760.00Sale Price
    • Anti-oxidant 
    • Neutalise Acidity in body
    • Food & Drink taste better
    • Better absorbtion
    • Cold & room tempreture ionized alkaline water
    • Ionized COLD water dispencer
    • Faucet connect to your kitchen for room tempreture ionized water
    • Fully imported from Korea
    • Intensive Electrolyzer to prevent scaling
    • Artificial intelegence sensor system
    • LCD display 
    • Voice guidance
    • Subdivision of pH steps into 8 steps
    • Advanced Compound filter
    • Filter lifespan display
    • Automatic self-cleaning
    • One touch selection method
    • 1 years warranty 
    • Free Pre Filter
    • Free shipping within west Malaysia
    • Free installation in states with our service center
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